The First Complete Mobile Point of Sale System.

Over 200 merchants already using Beluga Pay's platform

Now grandpa can buy his coffee with crypto.

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Beluga Pay powers all kinds of merchants, big and small.

Beluga Pay developed a whitelabel payments app for Pioneer, a Dupont (NYSE:DD) company.
"This mobile point of sales system, as a tool, allow us to strengthen payment options for farmers"
Martín Ochoa Rodriguez.
Director of Sales, Pioneer

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  • Beluga Pay's predecessor Espiral is founded after it's cofounders use an ATM that charges an exorbitant 10% Commission and $15 USD in fees in Sayulita, Mexico. The founders vow to create an innovative and fair company that will serve the unbanked.
  • Partnership established with Mexico's largest domestically owned bank with over $70B USD in assets. Latin America's largest incubator NXTP and Naranya make a seed investment.
  • First live transaction processed with a smartchip mobile reader.
  • Over 100 merchants in mobile app private beta. This includes Pioneer - a Dupont Company (NYSE:DD) - helping farmers pay for seeds using a mobile app.
  • Beluga Pay's Private Sale launched. Only available to whitelisted buyers.
  • Beluga Pay's Pre-sale begins.
  • ICO Launch.
  • ICO ends.
  • Tokens released.
  • Token live on major exchanges.
  • Public Beta for Beluga's Credit/Debit Card & Crypto POS.
  • Trials with pipeline of European, African and Asian Bank Partners.

Easy-to-use tools to help merchants grow their business.

Real-time metrics allow merchants to control their business in realtime.

Monitor and manage cash, card and crypto transactions. 



"A mobile wallet service that's a mix of Square and Stripe, is expanding rapidly with private and public clients. With half the country's population under age 27, more than 100 million mobile phones, and only 15 percent using credit cards, it's a potentially hugely lucrative play."

BBI Token utility

Use tokens to Purchase a Beluga Pro membership with advanced analytics and customer relationship management (CRM).

Use BBI tokens to receive Instant Crypto Merchant Deposits, factoring, from Credit Card payments.

BBI tokenholders earn .5% from all transactions. 

Users who hold more BBI tokens earn Beluga Points faster. Use Beluga Points for rewards on travel, entertainment and events. Please read Beluga Pay whitepaper for more details.


Millions of merchants around the world need more payment options to grow their business.

More Payment Options = More Business

Businesses grow by 30% when they accept credit cards.

Beluga acquired an exclusive, perpetual, global license to Espiral Technologies S.A. de C.V. to expand its payment technology to new regions and grow rapidly. 

Espiral's acquiring bank, Banorte, is Mexico's largest domestically-owned bank with over $70B USD in assets. 

Beluga is fully compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. 


Beluga Foundation signs deal acquiring payments technologies and certifications.

Roll out of new and improved software and mPOS to an existing customer base in Latin America. After completion of ICO Beluga will establish Beluga Pay, a Cayman Islands corporation.


Beluga will be listed on major exchanges.

As part of our expansion plan we will introduce open source mPOS software for restaurants and small businesses, that operate in it's core with blockchain technology.


We will expand our banking partners, having a presence in every continent is our goal.

The Beluga team believes that our greatest opportunity for growth is in the developing nations, where the technology exists (smartphones), however, have been forgotten by the large financial institutions.

Fluid Network allows for fast, flexible merchant deposits

In developing nations it can take a few days to receive merchant deposits. Using the FLUID network, merchants can select to get instant transfers using cryptocurrency or FIAT for a small fee.

We will respond within 1 business day

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