Meet the
Beluga Pay Family

Alex Avila Alex Avila
Alejandro Avila Borrego
Chief Executive Officer
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Alejandro is a blockchain evangelist and a product designer. Alex is also a consultant for Citigroup in Latin America teaching courses on blockchain technology and entrepreneurship. Alex dropped out of EGADE Business School and earned a Design Thinking Certificate from CEDIM Design School.

Hugo Munguia Hugo Munguia
Hugo Munguía
Chief Technology Officer
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Hugo is a fullstack developer and blockchain enthusiast. Hugo is the CTO of Beluga's predecessor, Espiralapp, and leads all technical integrations with partners and certifications. Hugo graduated from Universidad de Guadalajara.

Saravana Malaichami Saravana Malaichami
Saravana Malaichami
Chief Data Officer
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Saravana is a blockchain developer and co-founder of Smartchainers. Saravana is a regular speaker at blockchain and fintech events in India. Saravana has over 15 years of development experience. Saravana graduated from Leichsteister University.

Carlos Roca Carlos Roca
Carlos Roca
Chief Financial Officer
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Carlos is a MBA focused on finance, specialized in Investment Projects Evaluation and Strategic Planning. Roca has experience in public finance management, stock-market transactions, financial rescue plan and control of administrative/operative processes.

Eduardo Yanez Eduardo Yanez
Eduardo Yanez
Project Manager

Alejandro Muñoz Alejandro Muñoz
Alejandro Muñoz
UX/UI Designer Lead

Antonio Martinez Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez
Lead Mobile Developer

Leo Lopez Leo Lopez
Leo Lopez
Fullstack Developer

Oscar Cardenas Oscar Cardenas
Oscar Cardenas
Blockchain Researcher

Yeudiel Vazquez Yeudiel Vazquez
Yeudiel Vazquez
Fullstack Developer

Miguel Jiménez Miguel Jiménez
Miguel Jiménez
iOS Developer

Marco Cameros Marco Cameros
Marco Cameros
Backend Developer

Lee Escobedo Lee Escobedo
Lee Escobedo
IT Support Executive

Diego Gonzalez Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez
Product Lead

Wenndy Rodriguez Wenndy Rodriguez
Wenndy Rodriguez
Chief Comercial Officer

María Avila María Avila
María Avila
Customer Happiness

Maty Morales Maty Morales
Maty Morales
Head HR

Claudia Diaz Claudia Diaz
Claudia Diaz
Quality Assurance

Paulina Diaz Paulina Diaz
Paulina Diaz
Quality Assurance

Ricardo Robles Ricardo Robles
Ricardo Robles
Banking Operations & Relations

Andrea Figueroa Andrea Figueroa
Andrea Figueroa

Logan Logan
Chief Canine Officer


Below are some of our notable advisors

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr.

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr.

Bowhead Health
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Francisco is a software architect and cofounder of, Bowhead Health and Playsino. Diaz-Mitoma has over a decade of experience developing scalable online platforms and was honored as a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2012. Francisco graduated from McGill University.

Don Dodge

Don Dodge

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Don is currently a Developer Advocate at Google and is also an advisor to Google Ventures. Don was previously the Director of Business Development for Microsoft's Emerging Business Team. Don is also a veteran of several startups: Forte Software, AltaVista, Napster and Bowstreet.

Arturo Galvan

Arturo Galvan

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Arturo is currently in charge of executing the growth strategy of his latest company, Naranya, in Latin America and now into other Emerging Markets of the world. Arturo previously built and sold his tech company for $300M USD+.

Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper

Blockchain Evangelist
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Kyle is an Executive Director in the Blockchain Association of Canada. An early evangelist in the Bitcoin and Blockchain communities.

Ronny Yoo

Ronny Yoo

APIS Project
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Ronny is CEO of Advanced Property Investment System (APIS) Project and CEO/Co-Founder of The Oxchild Corp. Ronny has experience as Co-Developer of FX Financial Engineering, Advisor of Blockchain Industry Finance Sector and FICC Operation Division.

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